Twitter can be a great tool to get your brand out there. It is a fast-moving social media platform that allows you to share short snippets of your life and business. If used properly, Twitter can raise your profile in your niche and drive traffic to your website. All for free. How nice!

Nail your Twitter profile like a boss with these top twitter tips. From how to engage with your audience to how to optimise your profile, it's all here

Twitter Basics


  • Twitter: social media platform
  • Tweets: posts you write
  • Retweet: sharing someone else’s tweet (or your own)
  • Followers: those that follow your Twitter account
  • Following: profiles that you follow
  • Feed: a display of the profiles you follow latest tweets

Twitter provides the opportunity to share short ‘tweets’ that range from promoting your latest post to funny anecdotes that happened that day. Try to tweet a range of different types of posts. You don’t want to be constantly self-promoting. Include a mix of re-tweets, promotional tweets, personal tweets, questions and conversation starters.

The key is to engage with your audience, don’t tweet and run. The more you engage with your audience, the more genuine you come across. Build an authentic rapport with your followers.

Show up on a daily basis will help you build that rapport as it allows your communication with your followers to be consistent.

Don’t be a spammer

Spamming is not cool. You don’t want to be known as a spammer. That’s the fastest way to get yourself unfollowed and/or blocked. Spammers send material constantly and continuously. This causes your followers to get overwhelmed with unwanted material. In other words: it pisses them off (‘scuse the language).

Don’t just send out tweet after tweet promoting your latest content. Include a mixture of different types of tweets.


Be clear

Putting up vague and off-topic posts will confuse your followers. This, in turn, will make them unfollowers. You don’t want unfollowers.

Tips on being clear:

  • Try to stay on topic in your niche. You can post about different sub-topics within your niche, but try not to post too much unrelated content.
  • Understand your goal, whether that is to get more followers, more readers to your website or more sales. Once you have decided a goal, you can plan your tweets around this.
  • It is also important to promote freebies, promotional gimmicks, possible backlinks, and any other content that will help your readers. Include a mixture of your own and other people’s content.
  • Don’t be too long-winded. Your tweet should be clear, concise and lead to the material you are promoting.


Be a professional

Professionalism is key. This extends to your social media platforms as well as your website.

Always use good etiquette. I am a big fan of etiquette. Be polite, address each situation with a level of sincerity and be genuine with your followers. Take the time to be authentic with your followers, rather than addressing them as a collective each time. Try to build a genuine relationship with them.

Making a positive impact is also another way of portraying professionalism.

Nail your Twitter profile like a boss with these top twitter tips. From how to engage with your audience to how to optimise your profile, it's all here

Be a part of the community

Twitter is a great community-based platform. It allows like-minded people to interact quickly with each other.

Tips to participate in your community:

  • Make use of the hashtag symbol (#) followed by a relevant word or words. This will allow others in your niche to quickly find you. You can also follow the profiles that are connected to the same or similar hashtags.
  • Tweet regularly and follow up on comments with genuine, thoughtful responses. Try to build a report with your followers
  • Follow other people within your niche. Make an effort to comment on or retweet their tweets. They will soon notice you. Try to make sure that your comments are genuine and thoughtful. No one likes the ole, ‘Great Post!’ comment.
  • Try to include questions or conversation starters in your tweets. Always follow up on the comments that you receive


Maximise your profile

There are several effective ways to make the most of Twitter to drive traffic to your website. This includes having a well-thought out, relevant profile.

Tips to maximise your account

  • Use a professional photo for your profile and cover photo
  • When filling out your profile, use a mixture of keywords and hashtags so others in your niche can find you
  • Follow others in your niche. Go on a follow spree
  • Put links to your Twitter profile on your website and other social media sites so your readers know where to find you
  • Adding your Twitter profile to your email signature is also another way to let your readers know where you hang out.
  • The Twitter widget is also another option. You can add your Twitter feed to the sidebar of your website which makes it easily accesiable to your your readers. They can see how awesome you are straight away.
  • Listing on Twitter directories is another way to gain exposure


Avoid over promoting

Over-promoting can easily lead to spamming. Remember when I said don’t be a spammer? We’re about to hash that out further (get it? Hash? Hashtag?!)

Tips for avoiding over promoting:

  • Don’t be a bragger. Even the best-disguised bragger will still come across sleazy and braggy. This will immediately turn most people off you.
  • Try to space out your tweets so you are not overwhelming your followers. Allow a bit of time before retweeting or re-promoting your latest post or offering. This way your followers won’t be seeing the same information over and over again.
  • More often than not, too much self-promoting¬†can get boring. Even if what is being promoted is useful and relevant to your followers. That repetitive information will become stale.

Use relevant tweets

Using relevant tweets is another Twitter Key. If you aren’t relevant, you are going to lose your followers.

Tips for staying relevant:

  • When you make use of hashtags, you are allowing yourself to be found easier in searches. This increases the chances of those tweets being viewed by people who are interested. However, using too many hashtags should be avoided. Try not to use more than 3 hashtags in each post.
  • Use Twitter to check what your competitors are doing in terms of new launches, promotions, products, services and other bits and bobs can be helpful to you. This information can be used as a gauge whether what you are posting is relevant to your followers. It can also give you some new ideas on what is trending in your niche.
  • Have a look at your analytics every now and then to see how your tweets are performing. You will then be able to tweak your tweets (say that 10 times fast) to something that may work better. Do a wee bit of trial and error until you find your sweet spot.
  • Retweet from other profiles in your niche. The information will be relevant to your own followers. You are also starting to build a level of trust.


Final Thoughts

Twitter is a great platform that you can have a lot of fun with. Just be mindful that you are not spamming or over promoting. The aim is to build genuine and authentic relationships with your followers. If you do this, they will be excited to see a new tweet or new blog post from you and will want to support you. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love loyal fans?

Happy tweeting!

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Nail your Twitter profile like a boss with these top twitter tips. From how to engage with your audience to how to optimise your profile, it's all here

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