Let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate when starting a new business and taking photos is probably on your ‘Do I have to?’ list. Well, it’s on mine. I can nail nature photography (almost) like a pro, but for all that beautiful blog stock styled photography out there… that’s another story. I have tried, believe me, but failed miserably. Mine never turn out quite how I want them too. To combat this, I have joined a few stock styled photograph membership sites and it has saved my bacon.

A styled stock photography membership is a great investment. Not only does it save you hours of time either searching the internet for free photos, but it saves you time taking and styling your own photos if you aren't confident with a camera or feel like you are very creative.

Please note that some of these links may be affiliate links. That means that in the event you decide to purchase something I may make a small commission at NO extra cost to you. Be assured I only recommend products I actually use myself and can stand by 100% 


Here are some of the styled stock photography membership sites that I personally belong to and can recommend hand on heart.

The Styled Stock Society

The Styled Stock Society has well over 1,000 beautiful, feminine styled stock photographs for you to browse, completely beautiful and completely feminine. This library has simply stunning imagery that you can use in any way possible. The only limitation is your imagination.

Every month Elle uploads 50+ new photos so there is always something new to find. There are also some Canva templates made especially for the Styled Stock Society by Bluchic.

You can get 10 FREE images each month delivered straight to your inbox each month when you sign up to her email list. That’s not a bad deal huh?

Why do I love the Styled Stock Society?

I am not normally a feminine kind of gal but there are loads of different types of images in the library from quirky summer pics (can you say pineapple in sunglasses?) to professional workspaces.

However, I do have to admit that the feminine photos have become some of my favourites. Don’t tell anyone.



Pixistock is one of my personal favourites. Not only are there 100’s of styled stock photographs for you to choose from, but there are also tonnes of other hidden gems in the library. Browse the Instagram quotes library or scroll through the many Canva templates for your Blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Create your own beautiful eye-catching graphics in minutes. Just change the colours and fonts to your branding and you’re away. How easy is that?

Quite is the answer.

You can also sign up for the newsletter and receive FREE images every month.

Why do I love Pixistock?

Easy, the templates! There aren’t just one or two templates, there are dozens of Pinterest Templates, hundreds of Instagram quotes and loads of Facebook covers, Instagram posts and other social media templates.


Oh Tilly

Oh Tilly provides gorgeous stock photos that stand out from the crowd. New images are added every month so there will always be fresh ‘stock’ for you to choose from (see what I did there?). If you can’t find what you are looking for, just send Tilly a request and she will get right on it for you. She’s helpful like that.

You can sign up for three FREE stock photos a month to get a taster to see if you like Oh Tilly. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’.

Why do I love Oh Tilly?

Another Easy!! Oh Tilly photos are not the norm. When you think, ‘feminine stock styled photos’ what comes to mind? I bet you thought pink? Am I right?

Nope! Think sass, luxury and attitude (though, there are the standard pinks buried in there too). The photo library isn’t just for bloggers who blog about blogging. Think crafts, think mum bloggers, think outside the square. Or box.

Whichever you feel like thinking outside of.

Phew, that was a lot of thinking.


Ivory Mix

The best thing about Ivory Mix is the fact that if you can’t stretch to buy a membership site right now, you can access 330+ FREE photos instantly when you sign up for the membership. Plus more added each month. Oh boy did my computer storage take a beating when I found this site (I actually had to delete some files so my computer didn’t pack a tantrum)

Not only do you get access to 330+ FREE photos, but there are a ton of resources you can browse from blogging checklists to 30 days of motivation to how to curate an amazing Instagram feed and much more. I just wasted my whole morning there when I supposed to be doing productive things.


free email welcome series cheat sheets


Other Styled Stock Photography Sites

Of course, these aren’t the only stock photo sites out there. They are just the ones that I personally use and can feel 100% happy recommending to you. I wouldn’t ever recommend anything that I haven’t used.

The following stock photo sites are ones that I see being recommended by other reputable bloggers all the time. I just don’t have the means to sign up for all the membership sites around (wouldn’t that be nice though?).

  • HauteStock – There are literally thousands of photos in the Haute Stock library. You could get lost for days looking through everything. There is sure to be something there for you.
  • SC Stockshop – Buy by the collection and be assured that your photos won’t look like anyone else’s as there are only 10 downloads available for each collection. You can sign up and receive 20 free stock photos (which I have and love)
  • KateMaxStock – KateMaxStock boasts one of the largest styled stock photograph library curated with business in mind.

The benefits of using styled stock photography in your business

There are many benefits to using stock photos in your business. Here are just a few

  1. It saves you time – with the amount of content you need to be consistently posting on social media as well as your own website, it is an incredible time saver having access to 1,000’s of photos at your fingertips. Imagine how long it would take you to take the same amount of photos yourself.
  2. You are creating consistency across your brand – building a solid and consistent brand is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. You want a cohesive feel and look across all your social media platforms and as well as your website. Using similar stock photos will help with this.
  3. It gives you a professional look – bad graphics can be the break of an otherwise great website. We, humans, are visual creatures and if there is a pixilated or unappealing photo on a website, chances are we aren’t going to return.
  4. You will stand out from the crowd – imagine two websites, similar themes, similar mission. One has beautifully styled stock photography, the other the same old generic photos that you see everywhere. Which one is going to appeal more?

Some ideas where to use your styled stock photography images

  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Highlights for Instagram
  • Create a cohesive beautiful Instagram feed
  • Website graphics such as dividers and buttons
  • Pinterest Images
  • In your website header
  • As a break between paragraphs on your website
  • In popup’s
  • On landing or sale’s pages
  • In your website banner
  • Blog post covers
  • Twitter posts
  • Facebook posts,
  • Facebook ads
  • Stories for Facebook
  • Call to actions on your website or social media platforms
  • In Emails
  • Check out this post from SC Stockshop on how to use ONE image 30+ ways. It’s actually pretty impressive!

How to use your styled stock photography images

  • Play with your photos. Crop, rotate, zoom in on certain aspects. The image world is your oyster.
  • Upload them to Canva and use them in your social media graphics. Have a play with where you will place them on your graphics, rotate them and zoom. You don’t have to use the whole image all the time.
  • You could even use one image on top of the other. Just place the background one down, place the image you want of top of it and crop or adjust the transparency.
  • If you are a photoshop whizz you can always use the eraser tool if you aren’t happy about a certain prop being in your photo.
  • If you are still a photoshop whizz you can even cut certain elements out of a photo and place them on another one. Oooh now that’s getting into fancy territory.

How to make the most of your styled stock photograph membership

Spend a regular morning or an afternoon downloading all your images for the month (or week) and put them in relevant folders so you always have them on hand. This will save time when you are creating new content for your website or social media graphics as you won’t have to scroll through and source images. They will instead be nicely organised in the proper place. Obviously by post.

When you make your folders (here’s where organised Teacher Jem comes out to play), you can be super organised and name each folder after your blog post or series or page or ebook or whatever other bits and bobs you have goin’ on. This is your special folder just for those particular graphics. Then you don’t have to scroll through your downloads folder and try to find your relevant image for your particular post (I may be looking a wee bit guilty here) you just have to go to the correct folder. Easy peasy. Just like lemon squeezy.

Don’t just do what I did when I first joined and download eeevery photo because they’re all amazing. I went a little download happy and as a consequence, my computer is now super slow as there is no room left on it. I really need to sort through them. Anyway, back to the point. The point is you don’t need 1,000 photos of a desktop. You don’t need 74 photos of the same notebook. Plan your content in advance and choose specific images that work with the theme of your content, the feel of your website and the vibe you want to convey.

Try to make the most of the collections on the membership sites. This will ensure your images are cohesive. It will also help with your branding as you won’t be all over the place and confuse your readers. Instead, they will know by the types of images being used that it is in fact you.

If you use Pixistock and take advantage of the Canva templates, save your copy of the template and insert your brand colours and fonts straight away. This will save you time down the line and all you will need to do when it comes to creating your graphics will be changing the text and possibly a new photo. Which will already be handy in a folder right?



Final Thoughts

A styled stock photography membership is a great investment. Not only does it save you hours of time either searching the internet for free photos, but it saves you time taking and styling your own photos if you aren’t confident with a camera or feel like you are very creative.

There are 100’s of sites to choose from, each has its own merits. These ones are my personal favourite that I actually use across all my blogs. I have a travel blog, a mental health blog and this blog and each of these sites provide ample imagery for all.

What are some styled stock photography sites that you recommend?

Leave a message in the comments below and let me know!

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A styled stock photography membership is a great investment. Not only does it save you hours of time either searching the internet for free photos, but it saves you time taking and styling your own photos if you aren't confident with a camera or feel like you are very creative.

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