Hopefully, by now you have set up your Pinterest Business Account (if you haven’t you can check out this post for a step by step). Once you have done this you will want to enable rich pins. But, what are rich pins? Do you really need them?

The short answer is yes. Rich pins are easy to set up and cost you nothing more than a few minutes of your time. After the initial verification is done, they are set up for life and you have to do nothing to maintain them. You really have nothing to lose.

Hopefully, by now you have set up your Pinterest Business Account. Once you have done this you will want to enable rich pins. But, what are rich pins? Do you really need them?

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What are Rich Pins?

There are four types of rich pins: app, product, recipe and article. They provide more direct information about your page or post than a standard pin. Think of them as Super Pins or Premium Pins.

For example

  • A product rich pin would show where you can get the product from as well as pricing.
  • An article rich pin allows people to see a headline, author, publish date and a short description of the article
  • A recipe rich pin will give information about ingredients, serving size and cooking times.
  • App rich pins show an install now button (currently only available on ISO)

Why should you enable Rich Pins?

  • Rich pins allow your audience to see what your pin is about in more depth than just a regular ole pin. They are like a free ad for your site.
  • The handy thing about rich pins is that unlike comment descriptions (which can be edited), the information added to rich pins stays from pin to repin. If you update the post title or meta description, ALL the Pins will update too.  This means that if someone changes the comment on your pin, the article description will still stay the same, no matter how many times the comment is changed and edited. Which in turn means that you have more control over your pins once they reach the universal world of Pinterest which you have very little control over.
  • Rich pins generally stand out more than regular pins. They are also repinned more.
  • Your pins will be branded with your site favicon and name, this helps with brand awareness and consistency. People will start to recognise your brand and your pins. If you carry on putting quality content out there people will start pinning your pins due to brand loyalty.


How to set up Rich Pins on WordPress

This is actually easier than you might think. Promise. You will need to have a business account to enable rich pins so make sure that your Pinterest account is a business one.

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Step One | Make sure you have Yoast SEO installed

Download Yoast SEO on your WordPress site and activate it. Even if you aren’t using rich pins you should still download Yoast SEO. Why? Because it is a great plugin that can help you rank higher in search engines. This, in turn, can bring free traffic to your site. Which isn’t a bad gig really.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, follow the configuration steps. Make sure to include links to all of your social media platforms when prompted.

Once you’ve configured your Yoast SEO plugin you will be able to navigate to SEO > Social > Facebook tab. Click enabled, if it isn’t already, under Add Open Graph metadata.

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Step Two | Validate your pins

Next, you need to visit the Rich Pins Validator (found here) and enter a valid URL.

This is where I had a bit of trouble. I kept wondering why my rich pins weren’t being enabled. Until I realised that you can’t add your homepage. Add any other post or page to the validator. Don’t worry, all your pages across your domain will automatically be enabled after it is approved.

Click Validate

You should get a page that says “your pin’s been validated”

Click apply now

A pop up will come up with your websites domain and “HTML tags” selected. Click apply now once again.

Annnnd that’s it. Seriously.


Now all you need to sit back and wait for Pinterest to send you an email which shouldn’t take too long. I got an email nearly straight away. It won’t always be this fast but it should arrive within 24 hours.

All your pins will automatically become rich pins after this.

If you come back after a few days, you should see the above. All lovely green ticks. Isn’t that satisfying?


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Tips for making the most of your Rich Pins

Right, now you have your rich pins enabled, it is time to utilise them.

  • Make sure your metadata on each of your pages and posts is filled with keywords (but not spammy), compelling and intriguing.
  • Add a clear call to action in your metadata
  • For Recipe Rich pins, make sure to add helpful information to your recipe cards that you think pinners will be searching for. Most recipe plugins have a section to include a short description of the recipe.
  • Make your pins eye-catching with a clear call to action on the actual pin and/or a catchy click-worthy headline. No blurry photos either. You want nice clear, quality photos.
  • If aren’t confident about taking your own photos, check out the many free stock photo websites around.
  • Free stock photo sites include PikwizardUnsplash, Pexels and Pixabay. If you don’t want the same images as eeeeeveryone else, you can invest in a membership (there is a link below to a list of stock photo memberships I recommend).  Stock photos can make your pins and other graphics look more professional.
  • Create templates in Canva (or another program that you like) so that your pins have a similar theme and are recognisable as yours. If you create templates then all you need to do when creating new pins is change the image and text. This makes the whole process much faster and ensures your pins are all similar.

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More resources

Do you want to learn more about Pinterest? I can highly recommend Making Pinterest Possible by Ana from The She Approach. When I got my copy, I read it word for word and as a result, my Pinterest stats steadily increased each time I implemented the Take Action steps. I was not a Pinterest beginner when I read this, I have been using Pinterest for years but I still picked up new strategies and knowledge.


Tailwind is a great resource to help you increase your Pinterest presence. I use it for all of my websites and noticed a massive increase in traffic afterwards. Tailwind allows you to post on Pinterest consistently without actually being on Pinterest constantly. The Tribes feature is a great way to find new content and share your own. Usually, Tribes have a 1:1 ratio, this means every pin you add, you have to share someone elses so your pins have a higher chance of being shared.

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Final Thoughts

So as you can see, rich pins are easy to set up and provide some great benefits for your website. If you utilise them properly, watch your traffic soar and stand out from the crowd.


Let me know how you get on in the comments below

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Hopefully, by now you have set up your Pinterest Business Account. Once you have done this you will want to enable rich pins. But, what are rich pins? Do you really need them?

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