Free Resources

Content Calendar Templates

If you are tired of never knowing what to post and just winging it then you need these content calendar templates. 

Plan your website and social media with ease and stay ahead of the game. 

Content Research Planner

Sick of spending hours writing posts that never get clicks? 

Are you watching crickets on new content?

Take advantage of Pinterest and start planning content that will actually get you some clicks.

Start getting eyes on your content now!

SEO Keyword Planner

Start planning your content and get ahead of the game with some good ole fashioned keyword planning. 

Never use a dud keyword again!

Blogging Terms Cheat Sheets

When you first start blogging it can feel like you’re listening to a whole other language.

 From hyperlinks to SSL to Meta Tags. What the heck is everyone on about? To help you get a kick start I have compiled an Ultimate List of Blogging Terms You Need To Know. 

So sit back, grab the cheat sheets and let the confusion slowly fade away as you zoom into the realms of a Blogger who knows his/her shizz.

Goal Setting Workbook

Plan your goals with ease by:

  • Reflecting on the past to make the future even brighter. 
  • Breaking up your goals into easy to manage steps
  • Panning each quarter month by month
  • And much more!

Email Welcome Series

A welcome series lets your subscribers get to know you, what you are about and starts building the all-important relationship that turns subscribers into customers. Keep them excited and keep them wanting more of your awesome content.

Luckily for you, I have created a kick-ass email welcome series cheatsheet that you can grab fo’ free. Pretty choice huh

Beginner Blogging Workbook

You need to set the proper foundations first. The clearer you are on your WHY, WHAT and WHO you are, the better navigation tools you are going to have.

A sailor wouldn’t head to sea without a plan, compass and map so you shouldn’t go into your business without one too.

Grab the Beginner Blogging Workbook and navigate your way through this bloggin’ biz with a solid foundation. 

SEO Email Bootcamp

Every day you will get a brand spankin’ new email delivered straight to your inbox. Each day we will be covering a specific SEO topic and delve right on in. There will be actions for you to take and resources that you can take advantage of. By the end of this boot camp, you will be an SEO Expert. Huzzah!