Pinterest is a great free platform that if used strategically, can bring you in boatloads of free traffic. But where do you begin? Hopefully, the tips below will help you ditch the confusion and nail your Pinterest like a pro.

It is hard when you are first starting out. How many times do you pin a day? How do you get followers? What is the best ratio of original pins to repins? What is SEO for Pinterest? How many boards should you have?

Have no fear! I am whizzing my way to your help with my Pinterest superhero cloak and cup of tea in hand. I got yo’ back! With beginner notes and take action steps, you’ll be rocking the platform in no time.

So sit back, join me in a cuppa and let’s get your Pinterest sorted.


Pinterest is a great free platform that if used strategically, can bring you in boatloads of free traffic. But where do you begin? Hopefully, the tips below will help you ditch the confusion and nail your Pinterest like a pro. 

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SEO for Pinterest

Pinterest is by definition a search engine, not a social media platform. Its primary purpose is to provide answers to users questions or searches.

As it is a search engine, you need to optimise your profile, pins and boards for SEO. This is how people are going to find you.

You can do this by:

  • Making the most of your word count on your user name by using relevant keywords
  • Providing a description in your profile (with keywords) about what the primary objective of your blog/website and Pinterest account
  • Using keywords to your advantage in your board descriptions.
  • Putting relevant keywords on your pin descriptions. 

Beginner Note

When you start your Pinterest business account, start on the right foot instead of having to go back and optimise all your boards (been there, done that), every time you add a new board or write a pin description make sure it is keyword rich and relevant.

Take Action

Do a Pinterest account audit. Check your pins, boards, display name and profile. If any are missing descriptions or have no keywords, add them in.



Following + Followers on Pinterest

Followers are great when it comes to Pinterest, but it isn’t as much of a deal breaker as it is on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I schedule in some time each week to follow new people in my niche. This shows Pinterest that I am active and the type of people I want to follow. It is then more likely that I will be shown to similar accounts when they are looking for new people to follow.

There are several ways you can follow people on Pinterest.

  • Click on your following tab and then clicking on the icon with a person and a + sign. These are recommended people to follow
  • Using the search bar, type in a keyword, press search. Once the results come up click on the drop-down box beside the search bar to filter by people.
  • In your notifications, there will often be a ‘so and so and 174 others followed such and such and 10028 others’. Or something like that. If you click on this notification it will bring up a list of people that your followers have followed. Chances are, they are going to be in your niche too if you are following niche-specific people
  • On your home feed, click on a few pins that catch your eye, go into the person’s profile that pinned it and start following them
  • Click on the profile of someone you are already following, have a look at who they are following and who is following them and follow them too. This involves a bit of stalking on your part but just call it research.

Some notes on following others

Try to fill your feed with relevant people and pins. This not only gives Pinterest more of an idea of what you like, but it also will start to show you to relevant people.

For example, I used my hiking Pinterest profile once to look up a recipe (well, quite a lot of recipes. I got stuck in the Pinterest time warp) and now my feed is filled with cakes, biscuits and other tempting sweet treats. Not complaining, but they are hardly relevant to my niche. Or my diet.

You can also follow someone’s specific boards rather than all of them if they have boards that aren’t what you are interested in.


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Followers:Following Ratio

While Instagram prefers a high ratio of followers to following, Pinterest doesn’t mind so much. It’s more of a ‘Hey, cool! You’ve found someone new! I’m gonna tell everyone!’ kinda platform.

At the moment, you can’t even how many other people users are following. Well, you can kind of, but it doesn’t give a number, just the profiles and who wants to count through scrolls and scrolls of people? Ain’t no one got time fo’ that.

Beginner Note

When you are first setting up your Pinterest it is a good idea to go on a follow spree. Follow as many people as you can within your niche. This will also set up your home feed and following feed nicely to repin relevant pins.

Take Action

Schedule a time weekly to follow people in your niche, many will follow you back. If they don’t you are still going to go up in Pinterest’s books and will get shown to relevant people.



How many times should you pin per day?

This is like saying how long is a piece of string.

Pinterest doesn’t specify that magic elusive number.

My advice would be to only pin as much as you can keep up with. You don’t want to be stressing over keeping the number of pins up if you simply can’t do it.

I use Tailwind and only schedule between 10 and 20 pins per day on my hiking Pinterest account and 20 – 30 pins to my account associated with this website. Both of these numbers are manageable for me at this stage.

I manually pin when I remember during the week if I am sitting with a cuppa or waiting for an appointment.


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Own pins:Others ratio

The ideal is 80% repins from other people and 20% your own pins. So for every 100 pins you add to Pinterest, 80 should be other peoples and 20 are yours.

This can be done easily using Tailwind Tribes and scheduling pins from your home and following feeds.

Beginner Note

In the beginning slightly increase your own pin to repin ratio to 50:50, this will ensure that your pins will be seen and are getting out there. Once they start gaining momentum (or you run out of places to put them) start increasing your ratio to add more pins from others

Take Action

If you don’t have Tailwind – go start your free trial now (you get 100 pins free to ‘try before you buy’) then schedule 10-20 pins per day. Set aside 10-15 minutes per day to manually pin. Install the app on your phone so you can do it while you are waiting in line, on the bus, drinking a cuppa.



Pinterest Boards

Niche-specific boards are best. You can create other boards and make them secret so your followers will only see the relevant ones.

Try to categorise your boards. So instead of having just one free for all board, split it up into different boards by category. For example, while I have a beginner blogging board, I also have boards on SEO tips + tricks, Affiliate marketing, Digital products, creating ecourses, creating ebooks and many (many) other boards that are very specific.

This also means that when I add my own pins if they fit in more than one board, I can add them to multiple boards. Thus getting them seen more often (always wanted to use the word ‘thus’ in a post).

Beginner Note

When you are first starting out try to create at least 20 niche specific boards (with descriptions) and add 15-20 pins per board. Pinterest likes boards with at least 10 pins in them

Take Action

Do an audit of your boards. Make sure they all have rich descriptions and are relevant to your niche and your ideal reader. If they don’t have many pins, add some more.



Pinterest Resources


Final Thoughts

Pinterest can seem overwhelming at first. How often do you pin, how many boards should you create, how do you get followers and many more questions. If you break your tasks down into daily, weekly and monthly at a rate that YOU can keep up with, you should tick along rather nicely.

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest or send me a message there and I can guide you through your account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can,

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Pinterest is a great free platform that if used strategically, can bring you in boatloads of free traffic. But where do you begin? Hopefully, the tips below will help you ditch the confusion and nail your Pinterest like a pro. 


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