Feeling lost in the online business world? Don’t know where to turn next? Investing in an online course is a great idea. That doesn’t mean to say you should enrol in each and every course that is offered to you (hello information overwhelm!), but a select few that can help you fill your knowledge gaps can be a sound investment.

This months review is Allison Marshall from Wonderlass‘ course The Complete Online Business Blueprint.


This months review is Allison Marshall from Wonderlass' course The Complete Online Business Blueprint. What will you learn? Is it worth the investment? Find out in this post

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links, this means, in the event of a sale I may make a small commission. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you any extra and I only recommend products I use and love 100%. 

What is the Complete Online Business Blueprint

The Complete Online Business Blueprint (COBB) is a complete blueprint from starting your blog or online business from scratch to becoming a profitable super blogger.

Who is the teacher

Allison Marshall of Wonderlass is the quirky, fun teacher behind the COBB. She has tonnes of energy, tonnes of knowledge and delivers that knowledge in a straight forward, concise no BS approach.

Allison is real and not afraid to tell it like it is. Like how she struggled for 5+ years before making any money from her online business. She now pulls in 5 figures a month consistently.

complete online business blueprint review

What will you get out of it

Everything. This course is a complete blueprint, starting from scratch and takes you through choosing a niche, setting up your website, designing your brand, Pinterest, email marketing, passive income and much much more.

Module 0:  Prepare Yourself to Be the Successful Entrepreneur That You Are

This module has three lessons including, how to let go of one of the biggest roadblocks, beliefs to adopt ASAP to ensure your success is inevitable and Back to the Future: how to gain clarity and inspiration

Module 1: Build a Rock Solid Business Foundation

This module includes 10 lessons ranging from how to choose your profitable niche and audience, how to build a strong website, making sure your branding is clear and consistent and how to come up with the perfect freebie to grow your email list

Module 2: Create an Irresistible Paid Offer

This module has 5 lessons that include how to come up with your paid offer, how to validate your idea before creating it, essential components of a paid offer and how to set up a successful sales funnel

Module 3:  Explode Your Email List With Content Upgrades (On Autopilot!)

Four lessons are included in this module. How to get started with content upgrades, create killer opt ins in less time and tech training.

Module 4: Use Pinterest to Dramatically Grow Your Traffic, Audience & Income

An introduction into Pinterest, mastering the smart feed, Introduction into Tailwind and much more comprise of this module. With the new changes to Pinterest, more lessons have recently been added so now there are 8 lessons.

Module 5: Make Passive Income with Automated Sales Funnels

6 lessons are in module 5 including an introduction into creating epic sales funnels, things your sales funnel needs in order to be extra effective, how to market your sales funnel like a boss.

Module 6: Marketing Strategies to Keep Growing Your Tribe, Email List & Revenue

How to maximise your marketing efforts, optimise your site to get loads of new subscribers every day and growing your email list, tribe and make more sales using social media and Facebook groups are included in this module

Sweet bonuses

There are some sweet bonuses that come with this course including the private Facebook group.

See? A complete blueprint from A to Z.


COBB review
It’s only 97% done as new lessons were added recently


What I got out of it

I gained clarity with my website, where I wanted to go and my ideal audience. I also was able to increase my pageviews using the strategies in the Pinterest section. There is no longer the confusion and lack of focus that I was previously experiencing.

There are some paid offerings I have in the works that are thanks to Allison’s course as well. They will be released soon so keep an eye out!

I haven’t implemented too many of Allison’s more advanced techniques with this website yet as I am still building a solid foundation. They are all in the works though and I implemented them on my other websites to some fantastic results.


Results for my websites thanks to Allison’s course

  • My email lists more than doubled for both my other websites. This website has already more subscribers than my others had when I started implementing the strategies on them
  • My travel blog had an increase of several hundred percent (as you can see from the below picture). There were a couple of dips due to a bit of… lack of motivation (first dip) and Christmas (last dip). Since then it has grown even more and January was my best month
  • Confidence within myself and knowing that I can do it. This is the most important takeaway for me as I have lacked confidence in myself since I can remember.
One guess when I started implementing Allison’s strategies


This is literally my favourite course that I have completed (and I have done loads thanks to my obsession with online bundles *facepalm*). It has everything you will need in one course which is super handy as you don’t need any others (if only this came about before my bundle obsession).

Other things I like about the course:

  • The complete online business blueprint is constantly being updated.
  • Allison is active in the Facebook Group and does live monthly Q&A’s on top of answering all our questions personally
  • The COBB is thorough. You won’t need another course. Huzzah!
  • I love Allison’s energy and personality, she’s not afraid to be her quirky ole self. Being kinda quirky myself, I can relate to her.
  • You get a tonne of extra freebies such as how to customise your Squarespace website

Complete online business blueprint sales page


This course is very expensive for your average Joe. The only way I was able to afford it was because I enrolled when it first opened and it was a quarter of the price. Even then I used monthly payment installations as it was still out of my budget.

COBB review


Ah, the dreaded, ‘How much is going to set me back?’ question. Allison will occasionally do special deals through her free masterclasses so it pays to watch out for them. You can get the down low on when these happen on her public Facebook Group Creative Superheroes (which I recommend joining anyway).

At the time of writing (Feb ’19) the Complete Online Business Blueprint has the following pricing plans:

  • A one-off payment of $1,997 or
  • 12 monthly payments of $197

There is a 30-day money back guarantee as well so you can be assured that if you don’t love it you will get your moolah back in your hot little hands.

complete online business blueprint by wonderlass

Free options

Allison has several free courses and resources on her website. Some of her free courses include: From stagnant to SUPER growth workshop, Ignite your list 4 part masterclass and How to create a wildly profitable online biz masterclass. I definitely recommend these as they are kind of a ‘try before you buy’. You can see what Allison’s teaching style is like before you commit. Plus, they are extremely useful products that you will get a lot out of.

She also has a YouTube channel with loads of videos to teach you the ins and outs of running a successful online business. I highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel to get a taste of what the Complete Online Business Blueprint will be like.

Final Thoughts

While the Complete Online Business Blueprint is a hefty investment, the rewards are tenfold. Have you taken Allison’s course yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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This months review is Allison Marshall from Wonderlass' course The Complete Online Business Blueprint. What will you learn? Is it worth the investment? Find out in this post

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